An F16 catamaran is a must have wind toy in the quiver.

The Element Sails F16 National and Goodall Design Formula Cup

If you are a serious trophy vacuuming racer or just a weekend warrior you need an F16. There’s a plethora of regattas to race at – check the events page. Apart from the growing F16 fleet, you can go toe to toe with the bigger F18s or foiling with the Nacra 17s.

If you kite, windsurf, sail big boats, race in a fleet of dinghies you need to have an F16. Its the go-to craft when the conditions are not perfect for kiteboarding or windsurfing or when you are bored with going slow. You can plan your sailing day and no matter the conditions you will be richly rewarded.

Having fun is always better when you have someone to share it with. Sailing an F16 with someone else is just a wonderful way to spend time together, to share and develop a common interest. That person may be a friend, prospective lover or kids. To teach someone to sail on such a brilliant craft is most rewarding (that includes yourself), to then watch them pass that knowledge on and teach their mates and ultimately sail against you is truly what empowering future generations is all about.

Some days though, you want to be alone, some days you are unable to rustle enthusiasm in the kid, wife or buddy. The F16 will always be there for you. The F16 is a great single-hander, perfect for blasting around at 18 knots on virtually any day. Go racing, go offshore, just burn up and down the lake – Bliss!

You will be able to right the boat alone when your desire outstrips your talent or experience.

So the kids want a sailboat, they are expensive things sailboats, especially cool fast catamarans. Do you want to be the guy dragging the kids to regattas and sitting watching them have all the fun? Get on a F16 and join in with them. The F16 is a great youth boat for kids to learn, develop on and race competitively. When the kids are done Mum and Dad can get on the twin hulled rocket and go for a romantic sail across the lake.

Do not be fooled by the F16s diminutive stature. It is a full blown race weapon. We combine F16 and the F18 classes at regattas and fleets of 25+ boats are not uncommon. So although you will need to sail the guts out of your F16 to beat the F18s, the spirit of competition and regatta schedule is full on!

The foiling craze has given us so many options, SUPs, Kites, Wind Foils (windsurfer), Foiling Moths, Foiling A Class, N 17s, N20 FCS, Whisper, Phantom……. Which one do you choose? Which one on which day? Most of us have issues standing on the beach just deciding the right kite size! The mind boggles.

Then the foiling F16 arrived. A whole lot lighter than a Nacra 17 and able to sail single handed or with a buddy. Its light enough to chuck around the boat park alone and pull up the ramp, even load on the trailer alone. Throw in the straight dagger boards and you can go racing with the existing F16s and F18s. – seems a logical choice.

F16 specs in a nutshell: 5m/16ft Long, 2.5m Wide, 123kg minimum weight.

F16 is a versatile racing, teaching and rip around sailcraft. The people who own them love them.

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved with the F16 gang. We’d love you to come play and can help you find a good place to sail from. There are a number of clubs where you can leave your boat, mast up and ready to go in 20 minutes for a sneaky weekday session.

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