Viper AUS 979 (2010) Rescued, updated and ready to go racing $ 19 550 (boat only)

Hulls, Beams, stocks, trampoline and rudders are as new with zero corrosion, no sun damage and no dings or blemishes – shiny and new!!!

Two line kite hoist system for quick rigging and faster hoists. All new halyards cleats, blocks etc.

Brand new Harken Crossbow jib track and traveller. New swivel jib cleats are place wide on the beams for easy access and to keep the jib sheet away from the kite blocks. Triangulation is resolved by two additional 16mm blocks mouted on the pole for super lightweight sheet load.

Spin chute was new for the 2023 Nationals and is lightly used. Kite pole is setup for low tack jib and prodder support.

Trailer I have a Mackay no ties as new condition. The box still had the plastic protective film on it. I think it was used to deliver the boat and fetch it from the club. I towed it back from QLD and like the boat it is beautifully light, you don’t even feel it on the car. The trailer is not registered and is available for $ 2000


Jib is near new Element low tack used for 6 days only at the 2022 nationals on the winning boat. White with red and grey trim suits the boat beautifully.

Main is Goodall Decksweeper Titanium and in near new condition with a smaller head that suits such a light boat and brings the power down low.

Kite is Goodall polyester and is well used ex Rankin and White. If you would like a new kite I have a red and white brand new one still in the shrink wrap for an additional $ 900.

Stern supports are old but functional. New Goodall black supports are available from Goodall.

Beach wheels available for $1350 from Goodall.

Complete package setup and commissioned by Goodall Design ready to hit the water and go – boat, cover, trailer, sails, stern supports, beach wheels – tow it away and go sailing $ 22 900

Replacement value for this package is $ 41 700

Contact Beau White 0411 42 65 06



Viper 2 National Champion & its a Convertible Foiler $ 39 000

Complete boat tuned to win at the highest level in F16 and F18 racing.

  • F16 National Champion 2023
  • 2nd Formula Cup
  • VIC State Champion 2023
  • Goolwa Milang Winner on YS, 4th line honours
  • Milang Goolwa Line Honours and Winner YS
  • Around French Island Winner Div 1
  • Cat S.H.I.T ’23 3rd due to DSQ by dodgy helmsman

This Viper is as stiff as a teenagers member, its a monster at slicing through chop and ….. it flies! It has spent 99% of its life foiling around and is the feature boat in all my foiling Videos. From the times it has tried to kill me to its now tempered and serene sessions gliding about at 23 knots.

Foil cases seal 100% which is what makes this a race weapon in displacement mode- Although the Oakden’s and Abbot’s rip about with venturis and open foil boxes and still win races….

Foils have been faired and the boat tuned to perfection, I love this boat and this sale is going to hurt, but I have too many and something has got to go.

Race the floating fleet on Saturday, hit the regatta circuit and then go blow your hat of at 24 knots on Sunday with the foils. Or go beat up on the Nacra 17s.

$ 39 000 includes

  • Complete boat with Aluminium mast (near new)
  • Dagger Boards
  • Rudders (displacement)
  • Rudders and casssettes foiling
  • Main Foils
  • Blanking plates and inserts
  • Ridder rake and differential system
  • Foiling Kite (red)
  • Standard Kite (red)
  • 2023 sails as seen in the picture (the unicorn main and low tack jib)


  • Cover
  • Wheels
  • Stern Supports
  • Trailer

This boat is the best boat I have ever owned. It has taken years to get it foiling so brilliantly and I will miss its versatility and tight construction.

Contact Beau White 0411 42 65 06


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