F16 Viper AUS 369 $ 12 000

2018 National champion boat.

Boat only $ 12 000

With spares, extra set of new sails and a no ties trailer $ 15 000

Contact: Simon Dubbin 0439 727 007


Blade F16 AUS 05 – $ 2999

This boat comes with two good mainsails, one virtually new, fiberfoam battens, two kites, a good jib, beach wheels, bum cups, tapered main sheet all the blocks and cleats to go spinnaker catamaran sailing.

It needs a bit of work on the rudders as one broke the top tip off and bent the stock under the strain of the national. It needs a bit of love, the stickers can be removed with a heat gun. A practical chap can fix up the rudder, check over the rigging and its good to go. The sum of the bits far exceed the cost of the boat, it would be a shame to see this little gem split up for sails and parts.

Its a beautiful little kite boat, certainly a far more exciting ride than a Maricat or Hobie. She maybe not a national championship winner but at this price its an absolute bargain for a light, high performance single or double hander, cat rig, sloop rig and kite option.

Contact: Beau White 0411 42 65 06 or Neil Tarrant 0417 054 968 to make an offer.


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