Viper Workshop Weekend at the RPA 29/30 October 2022.

The Viper fleet at the RPA will be using the Goodall Design RIB and facilities at the RPA to present a weekend Viper Sailing workshop.

The workshop will consist of two days: Saturday and Sunday of on shore discussion and on water exercises and sailing.

The goal is to share information and assist Viper sailors to sail faster and enjoy their boats even more.

Goodall Design will be sponsoring the Rib (aka drinks trolley), Fuel and a few beers.

To attend the workshop you need to do the following:

  1. Be a financial member of the F16 Association and sail a Viper
  2. Bring your own boat
  3. Register on the form via this link:
  4. If you are a visitor send a copy of your insurance certificate of cover to so we can forward that to the RPA to get you overnight boat storage
  5. Enter and race the Sunday afternoon race at RPA. This carries a nominal fee of $25. – Register to race via this link at RPAYC

The weekend program is as follows:


7:00-9:00Arrive and RigCrystal bay hard stand Mitala Street Newport. Trailers to be left in the Crystal Bay Car Park.
9:00 – 10:30Breakfast and on shore workshopRPAYC Clubhouse – discuss issues you are having with your sailing Discuss Rig and boat setup Set goals for the sailing session
11:00 -13:00Sailing with Goodall Design RIB following – recording and giving feedback.Windward leeward courses. Low speed manoeuvres – staying out of trouble. Downwind speed and boat handling. Tacks, Gybes, hoists and dowses.
13:00-15:00Lunch and morning DebriefShow photos and videos. Discuss effect on the controls to make the boats faster
15:00 – 17:00Afternoon session – boat speed and trim.Boat Speed and settings. Long Haul up Pittwater to Palmy – Beers and a full send home again wind dependant.
17:00- lateDinner and BilliardsAllow sailors to discuss the days events and their experience. Get feedback for the Sunday morning session.
Sunday 7:00-8:30Breakfast at RPACrystal bay hard stand Mitala Street Newport.
Sunday 8:30- 9:30Rig and onto the Water 
9:30 – 11:00Sailing PracticeStart practice. Windward leeward Fiddling with settings to see the effect. Flying the boat downwind
13:00-15:00RPA Racing 3 x windward leeward races 
15:30-16:30De-rig and load 
16:30 – til latesundowners and dinnerRPA

Soon this could be you!

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