F16 East Coast Grand Prix -Charter Boats – Teams


Feedback for the Grand Prix indicates that there will be issues with getting time off for the large travel distances.

So we have some proposals:


We have two Vipers and a Blade available to charter (so far). For example: If you cannot make Coffs Harbour due to travel times, why not fly there and take a charter boat?

We will work with the sailors to endeavour to get the boats there for you, you will need to rig them, rinse and de-rig them. Breakages you will need to pay for (as you would on your own boat).

To reduce costs, the boats will exclude the following so you need to bring your own:

  • Main Blocks
  • Spinnaker

Costs to charter for a regatta are:

  • Viper Banger                      – $ 400
  • Viper Slider                         – $ 550
  • Blade                                     – $ 350

Added cost for a spinnaker and Main Block – $ 190 – If the owners are generous.

Boats Wanted

If you have a boat not sailing consider to put it into the charter fleet. Let me know – I’ll need the following details:

  • Boat model
  • Sail number
  • Where it is
  • Can you get it on a boat travelling to the event double stacked.
  • Insurance policy number

Working the rules for the Grand Prix.

When we conceived the Grand Prix we made the rules flexible enough that people can share a team. One of the “Principle” sailors must be on the boat for each leg. So you must interpret the rules as follows:

Entering two boats….and two crew. For example Peter from QLD and Paul from VIC. They enter as team Dickie Birds and Peter races his Nacra at Coffs Harbour and Cootharaba and Paul races his Viper at Wildcat and Vic States. In both cases they can have crews or sail single handed and the team scores. How they divide the prize I don’t know but for entertainment I suggest a gunfight in the main street at noon?

Don’t forget:

Taipans are also F16s so you can get your mate with a Taipan to fill in for you. Check the notice of series to see what configuration qualifies.

Ultimately we need to get this F16 community working together and your boats on the water. We need 8 teams entered and paid by 10 September. Tick Tock

Use the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/304371260506268/ that we have setup to find team mates etc. Lets get a minimum of 8 boats to each event.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to respond to the first notice sent out.

Enter here: https://ausf16.net/f16-east-coast-grand-prix/

Comments to the writer and be sent via the form below or contact your state rep in the contact area.

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