The Big Events – Poll Results

Two weeks ago we asked our members of the association to commit to the BIG events left for the season. We did this with a simple poll that provided VITAL and candid feedback.

This helps the hardworking volunteers decide what do do next and make sure they are listening to the sailors and giving them what they want. Not dictating terms that sailors must abide by. This is a core value of the F16 class. Its loose, its fast and not for bureaucrats. This is really a advertising agency approach vs the auditors.

A vital attribute to the F16 sailor is humour, the ability to laugh and learn from our mistakes, the courage to try new stuff and recognise when things need to be changed. Not always will this be better but without change you are doomed to dullness. And reveling in dullness and set process…… well that’s not why we sail eyeball popping, 20 knot mad F. catamarans is it?

SO! my fellow warriors here is the results of the poll and what we gonna do, its time to get excited and get out your calendar.

Meningie Formula Cup

Forms response chart. Question title: Meningie F-Cup - F16 National Titles are you going?. Number of responses: 24 responses.

Participation at the National at Meningie looks good. Its a great location and will be great fun. Theres a few local F18s so we should see another 20-25 boat fleet ultimately.

Victorian State Titles

We are ramping up the ante for state titles next year. Vic States will be held at the Around French Island Challenge. This encourages more participation from NSW and ACT boats.

The state title format will be:

Saturday marathon race around French Island for double points. We did this race it is something that everybody should do at least once in their lives….maybe more because the first time you make mistakes. (like which boat to sail) Vipers this year ALL THE WAY – no foiling B.S.

Sunday 3-4 Sprint style 2 lap windward leeward races. If the Marathon gets cancelled on Saturday then it moves to Sunday and the prints are cancelled. Thus the Vic champion would be the team who wins the Sunday marathon. Simple and sweet.

Forms response chart. Question title: Vic States Long Weekend in March or Cowes for Around French Island. Long distance race will count for double points, Sunday we hit 4 sprint races. If we hold state titles what is your preference and will you turn up?. Number of responses: 24 responses.

Cat S.H.I.T. ’23

Thisn is going to be a laugh a minute. The prestigious title of Single Hander International Tournament winner will be decided in Bateman’s bay at the ANZAC Regatta. We are overwhelmed by the interest in this event and look forward to a crazy regatta in one of Australia’s most beautiful places. So far just the Vipers should get 16 boats! We will start marketing this to the F18, Taipan and Mosquito fleet from here.

Forms response chart. Question title: Are you coming to Batemans Bay ANZAC regatta for Cat S.H.I.T. '23 . Number of responses: 24 responses.

Thank you to all the members who made the effort to fill in the quick poll, and in the words of Hanibal Smith “I love it when a plan comes together”

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