Decksweeper Special for your F16 from Goodall Design sail loft.

Now we know these fellas know how to make fast sails. With the decision taken in February at the AGM you can now fit your Viper, Blade or Nacra with a decksweeper and go racing in Australia.

Same mast, same cunningham, same mainsheet. If you really want to throw the old main in the tip and never use it again you can even re-use your old battens and just add the bottom two to save a few hundred dollars.

Here is the special Brett has offered for members of the association – Save over $ 500:

Standard pricing for a deck sweeper is:

Sail: $2,510.00
Battens $588.00
Curved Boom: $249.70
New Mast Gooseneck Fitting (still compatible with your existing boom after conversion): $39.95
TOTAL: $3,387.65

Goodall Design special: $2,750

Orders must be placed before the end of July. There will be one production run at this price at the end of July. Minimum order quantity 4 sails.

Please contact Brett at Goodall design directly to place your order and arrange payment and delivery.

Below is some media of Beau White’s Goodall decksweeper on their Viper

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